I get a blank page when createing a training plan (Read 366 times)

D Lee

    First, let me say you have the best running log out there, period. Great work!


    I have IE8 and Windows Vista. When I click on Training Plans then Create a Training Plan the next page I briefly see but then it goes blank. When I refresh the same thing happens. I logged out, restarted IE8 then logged in and it did the same thing.

      D Lee,

      I am unable to reproduce the problem.  Is your IE8 32 or 64 bit?  Also, is the compatibility view button enabled on the training plan editor page?

      D Lee

        I have 32 bit Windows Vista. On your prompt I did go to Tools menu in IE then Compatability View and clicked Add Running Ahead. I can now see the page. Thanks for your help.

          Good to hear you got it working.  On my IE8 test machine, IE8 automatically changes to compatibility mode.  I have no idea why it requires compatibility mode since the editor is XHTML compliant.  I also don't know why your browser did not switch modes automatically.  IE9 does not have such an issue.