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    I ran my first half marathon about a week ago and my IT band flared up Cry (I have not had issues with it for a couple years). I guess the increased intensity of the race was hard on me. I have been trying to see if I can still run, but it's a no go...after 1-1.5 miles the pain ALWAYS returns. I am so bummed, because it seems the only cure is rest and I was hoping to keep my mileage up. I haven't gone to a dr. yet, but from everything I've read it most definitely sounds like the it band. Doesn't hurt all the time, but once I hit 1 mile the pain comes. It hurts the worst when going downhill. Any advice or tips? I'd love to hear about others' experiences with this.

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      I thankfully do not have an IT Band problem, however I know a few folks who do and the only thing you can do is rest it, cross train and try to prevent it. I had a bad bout with bursitis earlier this and the only thing that really helped was Glucosomine Chondroitin treatments and ice. I've heard of some folks using GC to help their ITBS with some success. Here's also a good article on it with some prevention steps.

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        Yeah, I went to a Physical Therapist. Mostly, she had me do lots of stretching, some strength exercises, and not run for about a month. And then, it was slow, easy, and short distances. It took me about 2 months to get up to a 6 mile run again. I also got one of those foam rollers and use that on occasion. Seems to help.

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          You need to rest, there's no getting around it. It could take many weeks, and any running can sabotage your recovery. Trust me, it's worth it. The longer you put it off, the longer you get to run with that nagging pain. I dealt with ITBS on and off for a long time. Ultimately I solved the problem by fixing my form. Knees and feet should be pointing pretty much straight ahead -- lots of people turn them outward too much, which puts tremendous strain on the knees. Your feet should strike the ground behind your center of gravity, not out in front. If you're striking out in front, you're slamming on the brakes with every step, and all that unnecessary shock is running through your knees.
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            I like stretching and I also use the foam roller. If massage is an option - that might help too - sometimes you can get massages done at massage schools for a lot less than at a clinic. Runners guide to ITBS hope you feel better soon

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              I have been fighting a minor IT Band injury for the past two weeks. I am able to run 7-8 miles before it flares up. My doctor prescribed an anti-inflammatory which has helped. I have also been trying every strength exercise I can. I have tried to go to a physical / sports therapist but my insurance denied my request. Thanks for the links; I’ll try Walt's ITB-saver today.
                Right now, if I was given he choice. Cure ITBS or diabetes? I'll take the cure of ITBS!!! On the bright side, I am learning that I can take a lot more pain than I thought I could!

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                  Thank you so much for all the helpful information! Luckily I am able to still cross train so hopefully I will stay in decent shape...I have never craved a run like this before! I am heading to the Dr.'s today to hopefully get a PT prescription. My insurance luckily covers PT.

                  It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great. ~ Jimmy Dugan