New to serious running, now injured... (Read 975 times)


    Hi all,

    I've been in the Army for 12 years, so running has been a part of my life because I had to run 2 miles for the Army Physical Fitness test.


    However, that all changed when my friend talked me into running a 25k with her in May.


    I've been doing fairly well on a training plan that was made up by a friend.  I run Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (long run) and Sunday. 


    Well, this past Saturday, my daughter ran into the back on my right ankle with a shopping cart and I proceeded to roll my ankle and bruise the outside of my foot/ankle.  It hurt pretty bad and I was limping a bit while I was walking.  I did ice and heat it and that seemed to help.  So.... I decided to do my scheduled 5 mile run for today.  Bad idea.  Within the first mile, my left calf cramped up so bad I swore it was going to explode, and my right ankle and bottom of my foot felt as if it would have better to cut it off.  I did stop and try to loosen up my calf and stretch out my ankle a bit.  Enough to run 3.5 miles.  But now, my foot hurts insanely whenever I put any pressure on it either from walking or from simply putting a shoe on.


    My question is... when should a person go to the doctor to have a look at it?  I know that rest and ice/ heat and stretching would be what the doc would tell me, but when is too much pain, well, too much for me to take care on my own?


    I don't want to over do it and injure myself more, but I also know that if I take too much of a break, I will get far behind on my training plan.  I really want to run the 25k and finish it (I'm not overly worried about time at this point).


    Any help/ advice from those who have done this a lot longer than I have would be greatly appreciated.


    Thanks so much.



    an amazing likeness

      Mary -- if you don't let your foot / ankle heal, you're not going to do that 25K no matter what.   So, worrying that not pushing on will make you miss the 25K is a fools' errand.  Job #1 is to get the foot diagnosed, and healed.  Ice it.  Stay off it. Get it diagnosed.  Then worry about getting back to running when you're not hurting.

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        I started training in December for a marathon coming up in May. I'm pretty new to running this much, although I did a bit of running in college. I was out running one night without my headlamp, and I tripped on a large tree branch in the road (there's no street lamps where I live). I broke my elbow, and I was really upset, because I lost 2 1/2 weeks of training. But now that I let my elbow heal properly, I'm back out there. The bottom line is that your body needs to heal, and trying to run before hand will just do more damage.


        Any injury involved in sports should be looked at, just to ensure that you're not doing more damage than good. Now that you've run on it and it hurts, I would definitely go to the doctor. My brother has been running marathons full time since 2008, and he would kill me if I didn't go to the doctor in your circumstances.


        I hope this helps Smile Feel better soon!

          I almost never go to a family doctor but occasionaly (more than I wish) see a sports medicince physician when I have a concern.


          I tend to wait until I swear some part of me is going to explode or feel like some part of me would be better to have it cut off.  At that point even I realize I should see someone with knowledge. 

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          The sufferer

            Hi Mary,


            Go ahead and take it easy for a few days.

            When your foot/ankle feels stronger use the time you would have been running to take an easy walk, by the end of 2-3 weeks you may be ready to try adding some gentle running to the middle of your walks but try to think of them as walking sessions rather than runs.


            You've still got at least 8 weeks to build up to 25k after that.

            Also, I used to cycle lots and read in more than one place (can't remember where but it's stuck in my head now forever) that for up to 3 weeks of inaction you lose hardly any muscle strength, but after that time the muscle starts to weaken more rapidly.


            I hope it heals soon, and know how frustrating it can be when you can't run when you want to.