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      I'm no medical professional, nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn last night, but since his symptoms ONLY show while running and disappear soon after, it seems to me that he needs to be observed/tested while running on a treadmill in a medical setting. That's really the only way to recreate the conditions leading to his symptoms.

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        Cardiac check?  try to find a sports cardio doc in your area

        Hello everyone, ran across this forum while trying to find how to help my son.  My son is 17 and started out having a fantastic season in HS Cross Country.  He was doing well in both practices and competitions finishing near the top and feeling good before, during and after all his runs.  Then suddenly about 2 weeks ago something changed drastically.


        Now he cant run a mile without being exhausted and feeling really nauseous.  Says when he starts out, he already feels like he has run 8-10 miles.  His legs are already heavy in the first few minutes of his run.  The oddest thing is that even though he eats a small snack an hour before he runs, the moment he starts running he feels full...like he just ate an entire meal.  This passes in the first few minutes of his run but then instead he says he feels like he is starving and has no energy.  His speed and endurance have completely disappeared.


        We have done multiple blood tests, we have checked iron, mono, ferritin, thyroid, gluclose, and several things I didnt recognize.

        Nothing in his diet, routine or otherwise health has changed.  He typically feels fine except for these issues when he runs.  He is rarely sick.


        His coaches, teamates and doctors are baffled.  Im posting this hear hoping someone has experience with symptoms like this and can give me some ideas on what to do.  Any input is welcome.  Thank you so much (in advance).

          XC Dad; Any updates?


          We're all curious to hear what you find out.

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            I'm late to the party here but after reading all the posts it does not appear as though a thorough cardiac check was done.

            A normal steady heart rate does not rule out heart issues. I have a normal steady heart rate, total cholesterol of 100 (combination of LDL, HDL, and triglycerides), and perfect blood pressure.


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            Not sure how cardiac can be ruled out without a thorough work up. Symptoms that only occur during exercise really might point towards cardiac.


            That being said, does he enjoy running?


            I have some symptoms where when I run for long periods or stand up too fast I get very dizzy, my cardiologists response... don't do those things.


            Point to that is if your kid checks out healthy and running is the only thing that makes him ill maybe running is not the right sport. What happens when he plays other sports or is really active while horsing around? What about a bike ride?

            I'm with the poster who suggested he really needs a stress test on a treadmill.