Maps marked as private (Read 90 times)

Dimitri Minaev


    The checkbox 'Keep my new maps private' in the settings is not ticked, but still all new tracks are private.

    Besides, if a route was assigned to a track, the map tab is present, but the map itself is just a grey rectangle. The route is private, but I can't make it public.

    eric :)

      Hi Dimitri,

      The option you mentioned applies to courses only.  The maps created using your workouts are separate.  When you import your workouts, you'll have to select the "Mark workout routes as publicly viewable" option, and then the workout routes will be public by default.


      eric Smile

      Dimitri Minaev

        When importing from Garmin Connect, there's no such option, it just syncs silently.

        Dimitri Minaev

          Oops, I think I've found it. The option was there when I re-established the link with GC.