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gimme some sugar, baby

    Nice!  I love the new feature that allows me to hover over workouts on the calendar and see my stats for that particular workout.  Very cool.
    George: Runner/Law Student

      Yeah, the Facebook display is a little wonky!  :P



      You're awesome, Eric!  I recommend your site to everyone!

        I noticed there was some trouble with the facebook display also.


        Is there anyway to connect a nike+ with this, I keep double logging, which is no problem, but I thought I'd ask. Thanks for all the hard work, I love this site!

        One day at a time

          I love the update, but have a question.  All the colors are kind of washed out.  So the text is gray rather than black.  Is there some way to correct that?

            The Calendar View in my Training Log has a problem. It has placed the Sunday and Summary columns on top of the Monday and Tuesday columns.  Am I the only one with this problem?


            MTA:  Thank you  THANK YOU THANK YOU for adding the ability to go back in time! I've been trying to enter my logs from like 1999 and this will make it sooooo much easier. 

            Go as long as you can, and then take another step.

            I fly.

              Eric - looks great! 


              Just one concern and I couldn't find an answer, I can no longer upload from either my garmin or my saved garmin info.  Thanks!

              Bring it on.

                Eric - looks great! 



                I agree! Thanks!



                  Update looks good.


                  Any easy way to export to sports tracks

                    Once again Eric has listened to all of us and has 'added'/'improved' this site.  I can't tell you how nice it is to have a site manager listen and respond to the requests he/she gets.  Eric, you have a quality system here - graphs, ease of use, a nice community center (that atually gets used), imports, and great help support.  Please, Please continue with what you have here.  I can't even express how much I enjoy your site.


                    Thanks Again,



                    PS let us know wen PayPal is up and running.


                      PS let us know wen PayPal is up and running.


                      Paypal is up and running .

                      I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.


                      Get Lost :)

                        Favorite site on the entire interweb. Just got better? Thanks, Eric.


                          Paypal is up and running .

                           Just made a donation. Thanks for a wonderful site, Eric . Smile

                            Hi Eric,

                            thanks for many changes that you have made for us.

                            Unfortunately, right now, I am not able to save my data from today's swim training.

                            The data were taken by Forerunner 50. I have many entries with time value, but without distance. That's normal for swim training, but there is no possibility to save distance that I am trying to enter for every row. The save button is not highlighted.

                            I have tried to use comma and also a decimal point or even number without comma, but save (icon for every row)  is always not possible.

                            Thanks for help


                            P.S. I come from Slovakia and we DO NOT have SKK anymore. We have Euro as currency for more than one year.



                            Are you referring to the workout's distance field, or the interval editor's distance field?  Could you take a screen shot of the page so I can reproduce your problem?  Please start a new thread in the technical support forum so that you and I can track this problem.


                            eric :-)

                              looking great!

                              a few minor things:

                              - when importing a gps-training, the gps-intervals are not shown in the edit-screen until the workout has been saved. also, time & pace for the individual intervals seem to be way off

                              - the auto-calculated pace-data next to the duration of the workout on the edit screen does not work when commas are used in the distance field (i.e. 10,5 km).



                              I think your browser has stale cache data.  Please force a reload to see if that fixes the problem.  If it persists, please start a new thread in the technical support forum so I can track it.

                                Awesome Eric - Thanks


                                All my old SportTracks data uploaded to RA in a matter of mins as opposed to spending hours doing it by hand!


                                One tip for folks uploading *.fitlog files: Make sure all your activities have a time of day.

                                SportTracks doesn't require it and, for the two random entries that  (for some bizarre reason) I had with no time, either they didn't make it into the fitlog file or RA ignored them.

                                Easy fix in SportTracks and re-upload... if you know where to look!

                                Happy uploading!



                                Can you send me the fitlog file without time of day so I can see what went wrong?