Possible bug when creating a new course (Read 850 times)


    Hi Eric, First off - thank for a great application and all your hard work. Loving this site, and it makes working out so much more fun, especially when competing against (or training with) friends back home in the UK. Smile Just spotted a minor bug when creating a new course, which I wonder if you're aware of? Happens after using the 'follow route back to start' button. This works fine, but if I then use the 'remove last point' button and delete the points back to where the route was separate (to perhaps fix a route error I've made), I cannot then link the course up again using 'follow route'. It either tells me that I'm not on the route, which I am, or it just follows the route back one point (the way I've just come), not home. Confused Hope that makes sense. Give me a shout if you need clarification. I can replicate the bug every time, so not I one off I think. Thanks again, and keep up the good work. Scott
      I've found exactly the same thing.

      Roads were made for journeys...

        Hi Scott, The undo function is somewhat complicated, and has several minor bugs that I'm aware of. However, I'm not aware of the one that you mentioned. I haven't been able to reproduce what you described. Could you give me a more detailed description? For example, it could be something like: 1. create points a, b, c, ... f 2. click on line segment (d,e) 3. click button... I have plans to add real undo functionality to the map, which will fix the problem for sure. There are other things I still want to add to it, so I'll do that all at once. eric Smile

          No problem. Ok so lets create a route in the shape of a letter p starting at the bottom left. So I click the starting point, then go directly North and click a second point, go East and click the third point, go South and click the fourth point, then finally West clicking the fifth and final point on top of my route (forming the letter p). I then click 'follow route back to start'. No problem, the system takes us back to the start. But then, I spot that I've made a mistake with my course and want to correct it. So I click 'remove last point' once, which takes us back North, a second time - which bizarrely leaves us at the same point, then a third time which takes back out East. Now if I take the route West again, back to on top of my course (as I did before), then click 'follow route back to start' the system takes me back out East! Confused Alternatively it sometimes tells me that I'm not on my route. Hope that makes it easier to understand, and you can replicate it. Many thanks, Scott
            Ah yes, I know about that bug. You brought up two issues, one is by design, the other is poorly designed to get around another problem. Let's go to the easier one first. Let's name all the points so we won't get confused. It takes 5 points to create the letter 'P', and let's name them A, B, C, D, and E, in the order that you described them to me, where E is on the segment formed by (A, B). When you created point E, it is not exactly on segment (A, B). That is, points A, E, and B do not form a line. It's nearly impossible (except for some special circumstances) to do that because of screen pixel to latitude/longitude translation. You can verify this by zooming all the way out, create the letter P, and zoom in at point E. Even though it looks perfect when zoomed out, you'll see that E is off as you zoom in more. If you wish to return back to the start, the return route will not be exactly on the original route (points E, A and B will form the letter V). To fix this problem, I calculated the point F on segment (A, B) that's closest to point E, and connected E to F, and then from F to A. Now when you click "follow route back to start", the return route will follow the route precisely. When you hit undo, you're removing the segment (A, F), and this is the reason why you need to hit undo the second time to go back to point D. As to after the undo, when you click "back to start" again, it brings you to a different point other than the starting point, it's a work around for another problem. I don't think I can explain it correctly using a bunch of letters, which might make it more confusing than the first explanation so I'll have to leave this out. There might be a solution to this and I'll try to fix it when I get a chance. eric Smile

              Thanks for taking the time to explain this problem. The point F mapping makes total sense. I like the new look. One minor suggestion (that may not work with your look and feel, so feel free to ignore) is that you could reduce the size of the header to save on screen space. There is a bit of blue space that currently serves no purpose. Anything that reduces the amount of vertical scrolling is a bonus for me! Thanks again, Scott
                Hi Scott, There was a time when I would change my screen resolution to 800x600 to make sure everything is still viewable. I haven't done that recently, and I probably should. All my monitors are set to 1600x1200, so everything appears tiny, including the blank space up time. I'm leaving it alone for now because, believe it or not, it takes forever to get it to look correctly. eric Smile

                  I use a laptop and my res is a fairly decent 1280x800. The only time I find it a problem is when plotting new courses, but I can easily live with it. Keep up the good work. Scott