Any RWOL 3:20, 3:00 or Competitive Jerks out there? (Read 1013 times)


    I agree that sub groups are fun. I guess we'll see how many makes sense -- 2:40, 2:50, 3:00, 3:10, 3:20, 3:30, etc. Hey, it's a community forum, and it has a life of its own.

    What we need is more runners, more experts, more funny guys and some serious attitude.

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      There are a lot of experts here -- you will find them if you ask questions. Maybe a small number compared to what you're used to at RWOL, but I've never lacked for resources here. Also the sub-3 thread seems to be a catchall for anything under 3.



        Maybe keep it to sub3:00, 3:30, and 4:00. keeps it simple and covers all the bases. I think the sub4:00 group actually started a user group if not mistaken.

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          We like to think of them as Elitist Pricks, not Competitive Jerks.


          Running is stupid


            I'd love to see those gals and guys come over.  Lots of compelling reasons.  One of which, as bhearn noted... you haven't seen them (yet), but we have damn good runners here.  So, please come over and expand the group.  The discussions will be mo bettah.  But don't move in thinking that there's no one home.  :-)


            We had a bit of a bump last week because certain "dailies" got posted in the main forum area.  For that reason, a couple of the groups moved into our User Group area (the party rooms).  Honestly when it comes to running discussions, have at it wherever.


            FWIW, a ton of SpamWOL people came over because of the spam and the site changes.  The spam didn't really make its way down to MRT at the same level of pain and it seems like MRT isn't freaking out too much about the site changes.  So folks may not want to move.


            Still though... our site is by a runner/developer with a community of runners FOR runners.  We have an amazing log and group.  Some ads, but they aren't annoying.  No videos of Lance and Kristin Armstrong.  No nondeterministic moderators.  An admin/owner/developer who listens and does cool-as-shit-stuff. Cussing.  No 'report a user' bullshit shenanigans that helped blow apart MRT some time back.  Etc.


            It is a nice place.


              We like to think of them as Elitist Pricks, not Competitive Jerks.


              Who you talking about????

              And you can quote me as saying I was mis-quoted. Groucho Marx




                What we really need is some of the talent. Has anybody talked to Matt, Amuse, Brock, MichaelMc, Bird, Stig, GIM, R2H, Rovatti, Rachel, etc. about cutting RWOL off completely? None of this riding two bikes at the same time sh!t. hahaha.


                Have to admit that I like the 3:20 thread. It's weird but familiar. Like a roach motel -- once you come in....


                I was going to join, but I'm put off by my exclusion from the list above. 



                In the immortal words of Eric Cartman:



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                  Yeah, what about those of us with no talent?


                    Oh sh!t. I feel awful. Fonz is the best.


                    Now -- wake up the sled dogs and go mush over to the new and improved 3:20 thread.

                    Would you start the 2013 3:20 thread -- I miss Crash.

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                      McB -- everybody needs a running hotdog.

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                        Pretty please stay. 



                          Yeah, what about those of us with no talent?


                          They allow me to post, so, duh.



                            Another talentless hack signiing in!

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