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    I pretty much only run with music when running on a treadmill, which is very rarely. On the treadmill I want to be distracted, outside I don't.


    +1. Not getting run over requires my full attention.


      I'm sure I told y'all I was hilarious.  Apparently, no one believed me, though.  Sad


      You ARE just knocking it out of the park (and around the block) lately with your posts on various topics!  We going to have to start a collection of this concentrated goodness.


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      If you ask

        I run with music in my solo runs in town, all on the sidewalk.   I never run with music when trail running bc I love the quietness of the woods.


        Road half-marathons or less I won't wear headphones but I will wear for marathons.

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          I don't run with music.  Mainly because a) I don't want one more thing to carry; b) because the few times that I did run with music, it was super annoying to have a song come on and only be able to change it by stopping my run; and c) I'm zoned out enough without music.  With music I would pay zero attention to my surroundings.


            +1. Not getting run over requires my full attention.


            On a long run (10-12+) I take music with me.  Think about the songs and let the time pass by + get those miles in.    In my city they build running trails along many of the major roads, so a run to the courthouse and back (10 miles there and back ) is all on paved running trails and crosses only 2 major intersections.  I turn down the ipod as I approach these 2 intersections.   Running with Ipods is safe, if done responsibly.


            --- If I am running in the neighborhood or on the streets, I never have my Ipod in that situation.  I want to be able to hear folks coming up behind me. (Folks who may be driving distracted messing around with their own music in the car...)  It has happened before and it was the sound of the car driving over the rocks that had been kicked to the edge of the road over time that alerted me + I jumped aside.  If I had been wearing my Ipod on the streets on that day, I may have become someones hood ornament.  Technically would have been "their fault", but what does that matter if you are disabled or dead, right?!

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              The times I've been in the presence of music while running have been great, but I don't choose to cultivate it. Other people should do as they like, of course - perhaps they're just not a narcissistic as I am, obsessed with the sound of the body system and always vaguely fine tuning while my mind sorts out the events of the day so that I can hold them at arms' length. I'm a musician. I love music. But the contemplative space running brings me to is far too precious to me.

                I run with music the majority of the time.

                When I really want to unplug and get away from it all I leave them behind, which lately is a more frequent occurrence. I also don't run with them the rare times that I run trails because it is easier to commune with nature without them.  I also don't like having the ear buds in my ears when it is really hot out.  So those days when the misery index is high I tend to leave them home or just have them around my neck.

                I really like the Sony W series headphones so I don't have to carry my iphone with me.

                I tend to keep the volume really low for the most part.  I want to be able to hear my surroundings so I have the volume just high enough to hear the music.

                I tend to run a little faster with the same amount of perceived effort when I have them on so I like that.  Also between being an accountant where I sit in an office all day by myself, commuting 74 miles a day in a car by myself and running, generally by myself, its nice to have a little company besides the voices in my head.

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                  I have headphones when I walk, shop, study, read. Except for working and driving, I pretty much always have earphones on. Don't see why it'd be any different when I run.


                    I never wear headphones when I run. It's because I don't really like it (ear buds & sweat? How does that work), but truth be told, I do not own an iPod (or equivalent). Sadly, I am usually the  last to get onto any bandwagon. I love music and do listen to it daily, but usually from my laptop.


                    I ran for an hour 37 minutes today without music and I haven no trouble feeling stimulated by my own thoughts (but I can't for the life of me remember what  I thought about). Maybe one day I'll give it a shot, but I feel that I'd be relinquishing some control over my environment. I guess that's safety, but maybe something more. It's like I'd feel less present in the moment, less aware of everything.


                    Maybe on a treadmill, but I never run on those.



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                      I have never run with music, probably due to the fact that when I started running personal stereos were so huge you need a back pack and spare batteries for a long run Big grin. I find that my running is my personal time, on the LSD runs it is time to allow yourself to think whilst relaxed. On intervals and tempo runs I'm concentrating on how I am feeling, making sure I'm running relaxed, keeping my nose over my toes etc.


                      Maybe I am a Luddite and I should give music a go however perhaps next week

                        I have never run with music, probably due to the fact that when I started running personal stereos were so huge you need a back pack and spare batteries for a long run Big grin.


                        I know.  Ipods are easy.  It was hard running back in the day with one of these sum'b1tches on your shoulder....


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