HBO to Go and other online streaming services? (Read 478 times)


    I downloaded the HBO to Go app to my iPad and can watch HBO movies and shows anywhere I have WiFi. Awesome! 

    Does Showtime have an app like this? Or AMC? Or are there any other good streaming services I can use? (I have Netflix too, but don't have Hulu+ or Amazon Prime). 

    Curious what you guys and gals are using, especially when you're not watching on a physical TV. 

    It's awesome to have the iPad on the trainer or treadmill. Knocked out 45 easy spin minutes today at lunch (recovering from NYC marathon) reading Game of Thrones. Lately I've switch between reading, watching some show or movie, or playing this ridiculously addictive Army of Darkness app. Time flies and I get a solid workout when I can't get outdoors (and winter is coming, haha). 

    Also, is there an easy way I can get the movies I already own on DVD onto my iPad?

    HTFU?  Why not!

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      +1 on the HBOGO. I actually cancelled Netflix and re-subscribed to HBO just for this service. I watched all 6 seasons of Six Feet Under and 3 seasons of the Sopranos so far on the treadmill. HBO has enough series to keep me going for quite a while. After that I'll be looking for something else. I'm interested to see what else gets posted here. I also need to get some movies onto the Ipad without being raped by itunes, for those times when I don't have wifi access. I had a few free months of Cinemax with MAXTOGO, but I'm really not interested in watching soft core porn on the treadmill, which seems to be all that Cinemax has to offer. I just cancelled it once my free trial ran out. 

        i use this for free online streaming.


        there are some pop ups to maneuver through so adblocker is recommended but once you get the hang of it its a very reliable source. most of the popular network and cable shows are there and in most cases they are posted a few hours after it airs on TV. i like it because in addition to all the current TV they also have an archive of old shows that arent aired anymore. the downfall is the user interface is pretty minimal so you cant build a list of shows youve seen or queue ones to watch later but once they get posted you can watch them anytime you want, they wont be deleted after a few weeks. the main reason i stopped watching TV is the best part of this site: NO COMMERCIALS.


          I gotta figure out something ATT Uverse is getting too expensive.  The only thing I really like is the DVR service for sports games so I can watch when my kids are asleep.  Why can't there be some service where you just get the sports channels and thats it.  I don't need all the other 500 channels of reality TV.


            Thanks BeastyRoy


            Just watched Breaking Bad on that link you sent.  Very nice.  Quality was pretty decent too!

            HTFU?  Why not!

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