Is injury inevitable? (Read 789 times)

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    The left knee is what's bugging me (again, not bad yet) and, have dealt with PF in the left foot for about a year,- which probably strengthened my right leg while it was compensating.

     In your dominant leg, you naturally have more outward rotation in your left leg than your right. That biology shifts the kneecap from your femoral groove and the friction is on the outside of the kneecap.


    One of the proofs is to look at the bottom of your shoes and the material under your left big toe should be more worn than the wear under your right big toe.


    Your right leg may have been strengthened, however I'd see it that your left leg was weakened to the level of your right leg. Either way, your biomechanics have been hindered.


    Your goal is to acheive a perfectly neutral knee position and your knee will track with far less friction.

    Experts said the world is flat

    Experts said that man would never fly

    Experts said we'd never go to the moon


    Name me one of those "experts"...


    History never remembers the name of experts; just the innovators who had the guts to challenge and prove the "experts" wrong


      I like the thoughts. I'm imagining I'll need something like a thousand more miles before I get to the starting line. There's lots of room for error in there, so I'm thinking I'll try to keep smooth and form in mind.