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    Is Twitter integration still on the radar? Another alternative to publishing to Twitter is an RSS feed of workouts. We could then use twitterfeed.com to actually post to Twitter or other services.
      Yes, this is planned.  Just need time to add it.

        SAWEEEEEET!!! Looking forward to it. 

          Apparently this is still pretty low on the priority list, since the last time it was discussed was over a year ago, back in 2010.  I was going to look at creating a Greasemonkey script or Firefox/Chrome extension to add these buttons to the workout page next to each workout - it doesn't look too difficult, given the Twitter documentation for the API and Tweet button.  The hardest part will be ensuring it parses each workout correctly with the proper data to include in the default text - If I get something like this developed soon, I'll let everyone know.

            FYI, I just created version 0.1 of this Greasemonkey script.  So far it does the very basics - on an individual workout page, it creates a "Tweet" button that when pressed, opens a Twitter popup that has editable text prefilled with:


            "Ran [YY miles] in [XX:YY.ZZ]. (via http://runningAHEAD.com) [link to individual workout page]"


            I'm in the process of ensuring it works with equivalent messages for Bike/Swim/Weight/Other workouts as well, and then I'll publish it to userscripts.org and make an announcement on the forums here.


            Down the road, I may have time to make more updates to this script, including the following:

            • Add automatic URL shortening (bit.ly, tinyurl or similar) prior to generating tweet button
            • Add individual "Tweet" buttons for each workout on the main "Workouts" page so you don't have to go to an individual page to tweet your workout
            • Add custom messages for other workout types (hike, row, canoe, kayak, etc.) based on requests/suggestions from users


            Eric: FYI, Twitter's "tweet" button is now really easy to integrate into a site (documentation here) and this really wouldn't be too hard to add in a prettier/cleaner format - I'm using XPath commands and regular expressions to grab and parse elements, and insert the new one in the right location, but all of this would be moot if you could just use your existing site variables to propagate the fields of the Tweet button and lay it in the proper place.  I know it's not a high priority for you and that's why I put this script together, but it shouldn't be tough, when you do have the time to commit, to turn this into a site feature and make this script obsolete.

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                I know it's not a hard thing to add., but there never seem to be a right time for me to work on this.  I'll see what I can do after I settle into my new home.

                  FYI, just wanted to point out I started a separate thread that announces the TwitterAHEAD Greasemonkey script you can install to post your workouts to Twitter.