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    Hey all.


    Here's a somewhat strange question:


    This year the city of Leiden here in the Netherlands celebrates the 30 anniversary of it's marathon race. For this occasion the Olympic flame will be brought all the way from Greece in the customary form; a relay.


    I work for a Dutch consortium of universities which provides IT services (such as supercomputing) to researchers and we are participating in the sponsored relay covering an 84 km segment from Bratislava, Slovakia, to Vienna, Austria.


    As you may have guessed I have no idea of what's involved besides that the torch can weight anything from 960g to 2kg, that the fire should not go out under any circumstance (I also know that there are backups) and that fire burns, quite obviously.

    I am not trying to figure out how on earth I can train for running my assigned 10-20km with this contraption in my hand. Other questions arise like: Is it allowed to change hand when one arm grows tired? How do other torch bearer train, like what should I do? Running 13 miles with a dumbbell bar sounds like the way to go for me, also hitting the gym... is there anything else? Is there anybody in this forum who has run the relay in London or other Olympic games? 

    Any feedback will be welcomed.

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    - Ekiden Zwolle (10K)   ( 25 maart )
    - Rotterdam Marathon ( 8 april )
    - Leiden Marathon Halve ( 27 mei )
    - Marathon Amersfoort ( 10 juni)


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      Wow, that's a long way to carry the torch. In Canada, Olympic torchbearers didn't get to carry it anywhere close to that far. It was more like half a kilometre. Generally they have a medical team, security and extra torches with the team travelling with the torch.

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      not bad for mile 25

        Still, it's cool that you may be carrying the torch.  That's all I've got.

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          Very interesting, I look forward to this run!