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    Today I had one of those runs that you want to save for a rainy, snowy, cold, hot, muggy or otherwise crappy day when your too tired, sick, bored, lazy or distracted to find the motivation to run. It was 47F and the sky was just turning a deep blue at 5:45 when I hit the road for an easy 45-minute shakeout cruise earned through a hard workout yesterday. I was treated to the most amazing sunrise of the season so far--a pink and orange-white explosion in the eastern sky as I moved silently through a deserted town square. I was just cruising along, solving all of the worlds problems and enjoying the cool morning air. We runners are so fortunate to know what it feels like to run like a deer and to feel the wind on our faces and to be able to lose ourselves in the moment and to occasionally start our day feeling so alive and so connected to the natural world. Good running, everyone.

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      Well, I'm still waiting to run like a deer, but I do see the real thing on many of my runs (our neighborhood twins have all but lost their spots...saw them just last night, as as matter of fact). But I can definitely relate to the rest of what you felt. There are moments that are almost Zen-like on some of my runs, when I forget where I am and what I'm doing. It's worth the aches and pains. Smile k

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