Please tell me it is not a stress fracture (FNSF) (Read 1075 times)


    For starters, yes, I know I need to see a doctor but my insurance has temporarily lapsed and I have to wait until Aug 1st to see an orthopedist...


    Here's my story... for the past 4 wks I've had tightness/soreness in my hip, glutes, and groin that will not quit. Seemed kind of like a piriformis issue, but am now convinced it is not. Also seems kind of like a psoas issue. That could potentially be what it really is. But I am super concerned it is a femoral neck stress fracture (FNSF).


    Why it might be:


    That tightness in areas (groin, hip flexors) that will not quit despite stretching, massage. I hear that is tell tale of a FNSF.


    It gets worse after a run (delayed soreness following run).


    I think I feel a very tender spot deep down near the bone.


    Why it probably isn't:


    At the onset of symptoms, I was only logging 10-12 miles per week. Way too low mileage for a stress fracture, right?


    I eat lots of dairy (sounds silly but diet such a factor in stress fractures, particularly in women... I am a 27 yr old female).


    It gets progressively tighter when I sit (not run). Almost like siatica. My back can hurt, too.


    It does not get significantly worse while I run. In fact, I ran a virtually discomfort-free 7 miler two days ago. Was definitely very stiff and sore afterwards though, despite stretching.


    Chiro seems to think its nothing to worry about. He thinks its a psoas issue. But considering my low mileage, don't think a stress fracture would cross his mind.


    Having a dull deep abdominal ache, too. (Sounds psoas-ish, right?)




    Thoughts??? Am I just being super paranoid? Please help! I need to stay sane until I can see a doc in 3 weeks! I am trying to lay off the road and spend lots of time in the pool. Spinning seems to aggravate it, too b/c it tweaks my lower back.

      I do not have the foggiest idea. But whatever it is, it is new and confusing. I would lay off it for the three weeks. 

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        Could even be an ovarian cyst.   A doctor visit is best.


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          The fact that it apparently loosens out enough to not hurt during a run tells me it is more likely soft tissue than bone but it is hard to tell on the internet. I could write an identical description of my current issues and I know it is piriformis related.

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            Have you considered trying yoga? If it is related to muscle tightness, that may offer you some relief.

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              Not a doctor, although I am a dedicated hypochondriac. From what my PT and doctor have told me about my own issues, the pain going away while your run is a good sign if you're concerned about a stress fracture.

                I do not have the foggiest idea. But whatever it is, it is new and confusing. I would lay off it for the three weeks. 



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                  You could always try to tuning fork test.


                    Unlikely to be a stress fracture if you can run, PERIOD! Stress fx normally hurt like heck when running and get worse during your run.  Soft tissue injuries/issues can loosen up and feel ok during a run.  My suggestion (as mentioned) is to give yourself 2 weeks off from running. Cross train all you want. That next week, really loosen up that area by doing an active warm up. If you can get in a hot bath or whirlpool before, that would be good. Don't stretch before your run, only after. Dynamic movements are fine but not static stretching.  Do 2-3 miles each run your first week back. Increase a bit from there. Ice after your runs. After your cross training, do some  stretching for your ilio psoas muscle. Be warmed up for this. Google for some stretches. If one month from now, you still have your issues, get it checked out by an ortho or sports doc who understands runners. Good luck!

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                      Thanks all. The good news: I am pretty confident at this point that it is NOT a stress fracture. There is simply too much I've been doing with my body (lots of walking, workout dvds, little bit of running) that would cause a stress fracture to hurt like hell. And, so far, there has been no severe pain.


                      The bad news: I am not being as good at "resting" as I should be. What's new? I think every injured runner sucks as 'rest'. I ran 4 miles two days ago and started to feel REALLY tight and sore on an uphill around 3.5m. Stopped, stretched. Felt much better (sounds muscular, huh?) and carried on for another .5 miles. Would have run longer but it was super hot out. Plus, I think stretching would have only bought me so much more time. I predict more tightness was imminent.


                      I have appt with a orthopedist on Aug. 2nd-- a guy that specializes in hips. Sitting still aggravates it a lot. Now running is aggravating it more than it had. This bums me out BIG TIME.  But again, not painful runs. Just "tight" runs. Yesterday and today, in particular my glutes have been SO TIGHT. I am trying some tennis ball therapy. Any tips for that?


                      My chiro still seems to think its a psoas issue and not much to be concerned about. He does say not to run unless I've "activated" the psoas. He "activates" it for me. But how do I  "activate" it at home????