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    You can have near-complete coronary artery blockage, and all routine tests will be normal. To discern coronary artery disease, you need relatively expensive and/or invasive testing.>snip<


    +1 what Trent says. I am a living (thank God) example of the above. I was walking around with 95%+ LAD (? senior moment) Blockage (main artery), working out 5-6x/wk, cardio 1-2x/wk with no symptoms, other than very occasional indigestion/heartburn 2-3x/year. Was fortunate to get severe heartburn and elevated BP that sent me to ER on 3/15/08 where they accidentally induced massive classic heart attack. If I wasn't already in ER, hooked up to oxygen, IV and EKG I would not have survived. Turns out I had both Angina and Reflux for a number of years with misleading intermittent symptoms. Took two more ER visits for the Reflux to be uncovered. Good for me the Reflux wasn't discovered first otherwise I'd be dead.


    After the heart attack I did what any good engineer would do, research, and discovered how hard it is to discern CAD. If I recall correctly stress tests miss 15-20% of CAD patients.


    A bit of background. I failed a Thalium stress test big time in 1992. Wound up with Catheritization that showed clear arteries. An Echo Cardiogram revealed left ventricular hypertrophy (enlarge heart) as the cause of the test failure. I ate clean, low fat diet and was on Statins since then and never expected to have arteries block up the way they did. Of course I was not aware of the contribution exposure to Agent Orange could cause until Jan 2011...otherwise might have been even more vigulent, if even possible. (MTS: to correct vigulent)

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          all these jokes are terrible. 

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