Did my first Tri (Read 984 times)

    Much tougher than I thought it would be but I'm happy with how I did.

    I've got a fever...

      Nice job! What distances were the legs of the tri? Be sure to do a race report if you have time.

      On your deathbed, you won't wish that you'd spent more time at the office.  But you will wish that you'd spent more time running.  Because if you had, you wouldn't be on your deathbed.

      Princess Cancer Pants

        WTG! Triathletes have my utmost respect...I have no idea how anyone finds the time (much less money--ouch!) to train hard for 3 separate events! I want to hear more details of your race, too. Smile k

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          It was an off-road sprint (750m, 20K, 5K). Here's the link to my race report
            Very cool! Congrats! I'm three months past my first tri... long enough that I'm beginning to consider another one. Smile

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              Way to go!! I one day hope to complete a tri as well. My hat is tipped to you. And yes, please fill us in. Was it a sprint, olympic? Details, details. Oops, I'm a little slow, just realised you gave us details, details. I'm still working on that paying attention to detail thing. Either way, you rock!

              shonan marathon, girl

                Congratulations to you! I just finished an olympic distance triathlon this weekend at Oshima Island. I especially enjoyed the ocean swim. The island scenery during the bike and run was fabulous. Out of 220 participants, only 26 were women! After finishing the race, everyone could enjoy sitting in the hot springs with an ocean view. That night they held an awards ceremony and buffet dinner with drinks. Two of my male friends won 2nd & 4th place finishes. It was a fabulous way to spend my weekend!

                next race SHONAN MARATHON nov 3rd, 2012, OSAKA MARATHON nov 25th, i am aiming for nyc!

                  Congrats. One of these days maybe I'll make it out to a tri out west. I wouldn't say I enjoyed the swim on this one but I'm sure that will change once train a little harder.

                  shonan marathon, girl

                    Swimming, running, biking - everything gets better with practice & training. To be honest, I had two experiences where I panicked and didn't think I could finish out the swim. Ocean swimming is very different because there are waves, currents and the ocean conditions are never the same. I find open water swimming much more stimulating than swimming in a pool.

                    next race SHONAN MARATHON nov 3rd, 2012, OSAKA MARATHON nov 25th, i am aiming for nyc!

                      I know what you mean. Laps in a pool is about as exciting as a treadmil....Zzzzzz.... must have dozed off. Tough to find a safe place (at least around here) to do real open water swimming. Most places are either jammed up with boats or they don't allow folks outside bouys near the shore.

                      shonan marathon, girl

                        It's not safe to swim alone. We meet on Saturday afternoons to swim together and there are several lifesafers to watch us. I recommend finding a triathlon swim group to practice with.

                        next race SHONAN MARATHON nov 3rd, 2012, OSAKA MARATHON nov 25th, i am aiming for nyc!

                          Thanks! For sharing your report. I want to do a tri with distances like this in the next couple years. Right now, I don't own a bike or have a cheap place to swim.