camelbak vest vs water belt vs other? (Read 66 times)

    didn't want to hijack the other thread...


    but curious what everyone does for water on long runs?


    anyone have cheaper camelbak type vest suggestions?

    Also do I need an insulated tube vs uninsulated? Kind of thinking I do...?

    may just buy a cheapo on amazon/google etc..?

    bladder size suggestion? 1.5l? 2l? 3l?



    or should I just get a water belt?



    so far have just been running without water up to about the 1hr mark... but figuring that 1-2.5hr mark I'll be needing a water option/plan.



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      Handheld. No insulation. I do loops through a park that has a water fountain. I can't stand hydration contraptions hanging on me.

      I'm also on Athlinks and Strava


        I've got a belt and carry 6x8oz flask type bottles in it. It works fine. I empty the bottles on the back first which stops it from bouncing.


        I've also got a camelbak-like cheapo that I got on Amazon. I've hardly used it so far since I don't wear a shirt on long runs right now but I need a protective layer (shirt).

          Under 2 hours you probably only need 500ml (plus drinking before and after running). A bladder pack is probably overkill, and a lot of weight to lug around. I personally dislike carrying stuff in my hands while running. For 1.5-2hr runs in the summer, I first try to do my runs with water fountains en route, and if that's not available I use a smaller waistpack (Salomon agile) with a 500ml softflask. Other waistpacks might work, too, without bouncing. I like soft flasks because there is no water sloshing. For longer runs where there are no fountains available, I have a front bottle vest (Mountain Hardware). I've used bladders when cycling, but like bottles for running because they're easier to refill, and you can set one up with hydration tabs and the other plain water.


          Typically 500ml-1 liter of water per hour depending on heat and how much weight you lose per hour, and 300-600mg of sodium per hour. We're Americans; there is no maximum limit discovered of how much sodium we can consume, so don't go easy on the salt! 


          I've seen some Amphipod, Nike and Nathan beltpacks at Marshalll's and Ross dress for less for $10-20.

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            Handheld and it's not close. Also the easiest to clean option.

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              Cash. I run in the suburbs and am never more than a mile from some sort of store. Bonus is I get a few minutes in air conditioning.


                I'm handheld all the way, especially if I'm not out super long and know that I'll have water fountains from time to time. Can't beat the ease of refilling on the go, cleaning, and not having something complicated to futz with when you just want to get out the door. But I understand some people hate having something in their hands. I got used to it quickly. During the hot, humid summers I take it on literally every single run. Makes the heat much more bearable.


                I've used the same $20 Amphipod bottle for well over 5 years and it works the same as day 1. Mine is their most basic, but you can get ones with straps that can store keys and gels. I do like having the thermal sleeve for the winter, because I can put hot water in and it buys me a few extra miles before it turns to ice in freezing weather. I don't use the sleeve during the summer because I could care less about whether my water is cold (which won't last, anyway).