I DID IT! I bought a treadmill (Read 617 times)


    After much ado, I finally bit the bullet and bought the Sole F83 for 1599.99. Gulp Confused It shipped today and will be here by next weekend. I am so EXCITED! Thanks to everyone who gave their thoughts on treadmills a while back. Now I can get my rear back in gear!

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      I am SO envious! Even if we had the cash for one, the only place we have space is in the garage...with no TV. I don't think I could run on a treadmill without a movie to watch, or something.... k

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        That's awesome! Smile Enjoy it!
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          Woohoo for Lisa!!! Hey girl, as a side note and before the 'Purists' pop in with their theories - my doc said that and advantage of a treadmill when you are BF is that it is lower impact. My recent problem with my leg may have been made worse by the fact that I only finished BF five months before I started running and may have a weakened bone structure. That's great news though! Claire xxx
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            If I could talk my wife into it I would buy a treadmill in a heartbeat. I'll run in just about any weather conditions but, sometimes I'd love to avoid the slush, the wind, the blowing snow & still get a run in. I admit it. I'm jealous. Congratulations.

            Pre would have liked us.

              I didn't ever know that BF had anything to do with running or bone structure--I'm interested. I've ran off and on while BF and never had an injury problem--bra problems maybe but not the legs--but I have friend...... any ways, interesting.
                I'm sorry. My condolences. Cry On the plus side, you're now eligible for a Grammy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pv5zWaTEVkI
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                Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle.

                  Congrats! I think that you'll find it useful to have. I know that it's not my favorite, but it's better than having nothing! Jilly
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                    omigod, I'm almost giddy.......the treadmill is coming! the treadmill is coming! the treadmill is coming!!!!!!!! ETA is tomorrow, but we have to 'coordinate' delivery b/c the sucker is almost 300 lbs and they only drop it at the curb. Jake.....I doubt I am that coordinated, and my math shows it would be about 10,000 to have enough treadmills. Smile I could start my own home gym. Sweet.