Links to racing sites that can upload to our calendar (Read 562 times)


    If there could be a link to race sites, so we can upload them onto our calendar. The site is great I love all the useful categories. Big grin
      Hi Bubbles24, I don't understand what you're requesting. Could you provide me with more details? Thanks! eric Smile

        What I mean is having a tab, that runners can select. Could be called RESOURCES. When the person clicks on the tab it will take him to a section that allows people to view races, such as 5ks, 10ks etc. The link I had previously provided runners can go on and find a race that suits them. Its called theschedule.com Hopefully this makes sense.
          That would be a cool feature. Allow us to enter up coming races. If they are withing 100 miles of our location (our zip code) have it show up as "Races Near You".