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    i understsand what you all are saying about not changing your stride if you don't need to, but i don't feel like the PT was steering me completely wrong. I have had hamstring issues for years. In addition to running 5 days per week, i also walk my dogs, stretch and foam roll every day (i do this while my girls practice piano, so i really do actually do it every day) and attend a strength and conditioning gym class four days per week. while we do a mix of upper and lower body, over the course of the week i definitely am working my back, glutes, hammys, quads and cavles. In fact, the PT told me she was impressed with my glute strength since that is not normally a runner's strength. I have been following this routine for the past three years. you can look in my log, i record all the workouts that I do.


    my last several years have been a rotating issue of training hard, getting hurt, postponing looked forward to races and repeating. the past year i just stopped and focused on running easy only, and still even though my marathon training was going smoothly, the knee issue crept in, i think i am probably a prime example of someone who was heel striking but needed to find something different.


    very true that especially right now, i am not running fast and i am finding the transition to the midfoot strike challenging, but i knew that i would, and actually i feel okay except for this blister situation, which hopefully in a month or two i can just buy new shoes that will resolve all it. i do appreciate the thoughts and advice, thank you


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      I have always been a heel striker.

      never had any problems

      as someone who has run since 1977 this

      heel striking is bad is a fairly new thing.

      first race sept 1977 last race sept 2007


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        i understsand what you all are saying about not changing your stride if you don't need to, but i don't feel like the PT was steering me completely wrong. I have had hamstring issues for years.


        I think your particular issues are legitimate, I'm mainly referring to people who don't have any issues yet get convinced that they need to change their gait.


        FWIW; I'm a natural midfoot striker, I was scolded by Dellinger in practice because my steps were so loud, what with my whole foot hitting the ground at once; slap slap slap. He said that I needed to land on my heel and roll toward the ball of my foot, and that loud footstrike meant more likely to get injured! That was the prevailing thought at the time. We've learned a lot since then. Now in my old age and slower pace, my shoes wear most just a little forward of the heel on the lateral side.

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          so i tried to two socks this morning, i put on the Injinji's and then a pair of my favorite Balegas on top, when i put on my shoes i felt like my feet were sausages being stuffed into my shoes, but after a couple of miles i got used to it and actually by the end of the run i wasn't thinking about it at all. and....NO NEW BLISTERS  Smile yay!! so this might be the best solution until i can go try on some new shoes, which should be by the end of the month. thank you guys!!!  i especially noticed that on the sides of my big toes there was no rubbing at all, which is huge. so happy! i also hyper focused on mkaing sure i was "pawing" the ground with each step, and i think i improved on that today

            so i tried to two socks this morning......NO NEW BLISTERS  Smile 

            This usually works when I recommend. You can try even thinner socks so feet don't feel squoozed in your shoes but a tighter fit may have helped as well. Get those blisters healed.

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              Tchuck, second morning in a row, no new blisters, thank you!! now off to purchase thinner socks Smile


                just a quick update, after a couple of weeks of the pad of my feet just hurting after every run i decided i just had to get some new shoes, i ended up with the Hoka Rincon. i liked them in the store, i tried them on with just one pair of socks and they felt great. the employee that was helping me noticed that my toes were at the very very edge of the Brooks Pure Flows I was wearing, she said that Brooks can tend to run small, since i always ordered my brooks online and never tried them on in a store, and since i had been wearing them for years and always ordered the same size, its possible they slightly changed their shoe and i didn't adjust, and its also possible that since i was heel striking my foot was going back into my shoes so my toes weren't rubbing up front, but when i switched to a mid foot strike they started rubbing...anyway, i'm excited to give the new shoes a try tomorrow