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    I am very excited! My wife and I both ran a 5k this morning (her 2nd). I set a goal of under 24:00 which would give me a PR. I came in at 23:30 official time. I felt pretty good considering it was a very hilly course. It was nearly 2:00 faster than the same course last year. My wife did it in 28:30 which was also much faster than she thought she could. I feel like my long, slow runs are really starting to pay off. I think I can start really shaving of some time when I add speed work to my training. Big grin
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      Great job. 2 minutes faster on the same course is impressive. Smile

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          Congrats to both of you!

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            WOW- 2mins faster- quite impressive Shocked- it's great to feel the satisifcation of personal improvemant. Congrats to your wife also Smile

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