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    I know palpitations are a common subject on many running forums, but I couldn't quite find anything relating to my situation so here goes. Ever since I was very young I have been in incredible shape. In my young teens up to about age 20 I would run several miles a day, bike, play basketball and lift weights. Well, come college I kind of stopped with the intense cardio workouts and started smoking cigarettes (anywhere from 15 a day to 15 a week, Just depended.) and drinking a lot of beer. I still would run occasionally, just not with the same intensity or regularity. About a month ago I decided to quit smoking and picked up running again and it's been great. I was surprised at how fast my health came back. At the beginning I could barely run 2 miles and now I am doing an easy 6 mile jog regularly and am training for a marathon in April. Here's the problem: my RHR is low, it's always been, anywhere from 38-45 bpm when I am completely at rest (my sophomore year of high school my doctor during a physical showed surprise at my RHR and said I definitely had a runner's heart). I can't remember this ever happening before when I was in shape, but now whenever I go for a run I will have palpitations: anywhere from 1 to 5. It doesn't really happen that often when I am not running, occasionally, but not often, but it almost always happens when I am. I was wondering if this could be a result of just not being in great shape and pushing my body hard. I still seem to have good cardiovascular health from being so active in my youth. It's just my overall strength, stamina, lung capacity and body weight ( I packed on a little gut) have taken a bad hit with all the smoking and drinking and overall sedentary lifestyle.


    I almost didn't mention this, but I will. About two years ago I went to the doctor's and had an EKG, ECHO, Halter, blood tests, the works. Everything came back normal and fine. However, my doctor was sort of a jaded old man and had a horrible reputation. He diagnosed someone at my work with pneumonia when she had lung cancer, that kind of thing. So, maybe you can understand why I am a little hesitant about his diagnosis. I guess to sum up the overall question, should I be training so hard with a low RHR and palpitations during exercise? I've never paid attention to my RHR before and I can't remember having palpitations in the past so this is all new to me and am just seeking the advice of seasoned experts.


    Also, I am 25 years old.

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      The appropriate seasoned expert would be another doctor, one with a good reputation that you trust.  Smile


      When a family member had palpitations while running I also encouraged her....strongly...to get it checked out.  She did, reduced her caffeine intake to near zero, and they went away.

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        Any heart symptoms need to be tested/diagnosed by a doctor.  If a ECG doesn't show anything, you might want to schedule a stress test.


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          What ^ they said, and two more things occur to me:

          1. I suspect you are pushing yourself way too hard.  That's especially common for people who were athletic in their youth, but have (temporarily) lost fitness.  Don't overdo it.  Be patient.
          2. Yes, your body has made some adaptations remarkably quickly, but to really get back in shape means bringing about physiological changes that will take more like five years.  Be patient.

          Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.