Garmin vs Nike vs MiCoach vs Timex (Read 1180 times)

    Foot Pods... all the same, or do they do different things? Are they compatible systems? ie If I have a Garmin watch can it detect and capture info from the Nike foot pod. Just curious.

    Anyone know where to get extra retainer clips for the Garmin size/style.

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      I don't know where you can get clips but the nike + pouch works too = same size.

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        They are of the same size so if you have Nike+ compatible shoes, Garmin foot pod will go right in. Garmin footpod comes with an attachment you can use to tie it to the shoe if you don't have the Nike+ compatible shoes. Nike+ device obviously doesn't come with an attachment because they want you to buy the shoes. However, you can buy the inexpensive attachment. 


        I don't know whether they do the same or different things but for Nike, the only interface you have to upload the data is Nike's website and whatever features they provide through and website and/or Nike+ app. I assume for Garmin foot pod, you can use any interface and all the data it exposes. It is not easy (but possible) to replace the battery of Nike+. Finally, Nike+ is much cheaper than Garmin foot pod.

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