First 100 Mile Week (Read 1197 times)

    100.3 miles. Ow. But just 34 beers. So far. Pathetic. I'd brag more, but I'm too tired. And must drink beer. When you get done tossing well deserved accolades and various undergarments at me for my monumental achievement, go check out JScovill's mileage for the month of July. Don't faint when you see it. Yes, that's miles, not kilometers: http://runningahead.com/logs/b07a9e4c9ed9462e9e6e98c19e249705
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      So he does 10 on the easy days? that is freaking nuts!

        holy cow!!! Shocked

          Runners run.

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              only 100.3 ? pshaw. Roll eyes there's always next week...

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                  I'm not sure that if you take my two best months and put them together that you'd get to 100... I'm impressed.

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                    Not big. Not clever.... Now post your beer total.


                      And it only took a drinking contest to get him to do it. I've got to ask, do you find that the running accentuates the affects of all the alchohol? How are you dealing with the dehydration from the combined running/drinking?

                      I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.


                        I felt so good about my long run yesterday until I saw this hahaha. Congratulations Big grin What kind of drinking contest involves running a 100 mile week?

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                          Forget the running. What about a 100.3 beer week? And you could probably get a radio station to sponsor you... Clowning around

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                            Nicely done! It may take me a while to get that high but I can keep you company for the beers!

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                              Nice work, dude.
                                Wow. I have yet to run my first 100 mile month. Nice work!