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    What's the proper form when you're jogging? I'm doin mine on a treadmill while it's summer and I was told to lean forward a little bit and when my feet hit the ground to hit the ground with the back part of my foot and roll on to the rest of it. Is this what you guys do?
      Hey Matt, I just run based on what "feels" right. It seems like it would be really hard to think about leaning forward and then roll etc. Just run/ jog ... it's something we as humans have been doing for a long time Wink
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        I'm no expert but from what I have heard you would want to land mid sole and roll forward from there. If you land near your heal then you produce a lot of braking and who wants to brake really?

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          I found the book "ChiRunning" to have very helpful discusions about healthy form, and exercises to help you improve yours.
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