Sync with Garmin Down? (Read 99 times)


    I noticed this morning (Saturday, 7/3) that RA wasn't loading. And then this afternoon, it has not synced with Garmin. Is the system down or interrupted? Just wanted to check before manually entering run. Thanks!



      I'm having the same issue. Not having luck with manually uploading files downloaded from Garmin Connect, either. Kind of relieved that it's probably not something I'm screwing-up on my end, at least. Tongue

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        Same for me 

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          Same trouble here.

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            Yeah, me too.  I exported the .tcx file from GarminConnect and tried importing that, and that didn't work either.  I hope somebody at RA is aware of this issue and is working on it...

              Same for me today. Hopefully back to normal soon.


                OK, good to know I'm not crazy. I imagine Eric is on it... And I also hope he's having a great holiday weekend (for those in US). :-)


                Thank you in advance, Eric, for your great work.


                  Same here. I am sure he is working on it!



                  Runs with the pack

                    Not working again today. Run from this morning hasn't uploaded from Connect.