Did you meet your 2012 goals (Read 451 times)

    Not this year

    I had PF to start the year (and could barely run) and then was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and had surgery in April.......so my goals were gone early this year....


    BUT, my PF is gone and I'm cancer free so 2013 will probably be a much better running year....


    you are a warrior!    I'm predicting 2013 will be a breakout year for you!


      I hit two milestone goals - ran Boston and got to #333 marathon+ultra.


      I dropped almost 80 minutes from my 50 mile PR in April (a couple weeks after Boston).


      I missed a few goals, most notably... I DNFed my one shot at 100 and I was not able to hit my 3:18 marathon goal.  I also DNFed a couple other races and DNSed a few.  Sigh.  I also wanted 4500 miles for the year. Nope.


      Been a weird year.


        Yup, 5k, half marathon and marathon PR's. I didn't really have any mileage goals this year, so I am happy with near what I ran last year (around 2100). Hit my 100th lifetime half marathon...it's been a pretty good year.

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          Some good racing and strong survivors out there!


          Put all my eggs into doing well at Boston, but a motorcycle wreck that interfered with training and a hot day at Boston conspired to make a miserable run (although a fantastic experience otherwise, due to the crowds). Still headed for a 2000 mi year even though I put myself in the position of having to hit a bunch of 70 mi weeks toward the end. So sort of a win/lose year. Staying healthy is a good thing. Shooting for a strong racing year in 2013!

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            This was my second year of running and I honestly don't remember what I had set for goals.  I had a pretty kick ass year though...

            • ~2300 miles, up from 1070 in year one
            • PR in the 5K (21:23)
            • PR in the HM (1:45:00)
            • PR in the marathon (3:45:29) - knocked 31 minutes off my debut time
            • No PR in the 10K, but in the last few weeks I have bettered my PR time in training three times (I only ran one 10K this year)
            • First AG win (in a 5K)
            • Teamed up with DW in a duathlon relay and finished second in the coed division (I ran, she biked)

            I also biked 1500 miles.


            I'm pretty confident those PR's will continue to fall, the way my training is going.   I just need to stay healthy.



              Great job, everyone!


              2012 has been a fantastic year for me!  Having started with the C25K program in Spring 2011, 2012 was my first full year of running.  At the end of 2011, I had some fairly modest goals for 2012: sub-1:40 HM, sub-22 5K, 1200 miles.  I got off to a great start, and the year ended up being so much more than what I thought I would be running.


              A few highlights have been:


              • Ran my first marathon in November;
              • Ran my first sub-20 5K in June (and did it again in August)(hit my original sub-22 5K goal in January);
              • Improved my HM PR from 1:49:02 in Nov. 2011 to 1:30:59 in Oct. 2012 (hit my original sub-1:40 HM goal in March);
              • Completely obliterated my 2012 mileage goal of 1,200 miles; I've already passed 2,500 miles and may just make it to 2,600 by 12/31;
              • Each of my 9 races in 2012 has been a PR (5K, HM, HM, 5K, 5K, 10K, 5K, HM, FM)
              • Won my first AG awards (won my AG twice in 5K's in April and August)
              • Became a predawn runner.  That was the only way I was going to be able to get in the mileage Pfitz 18/70 called for.  Needing to be back home by 5:45 in the morning to get ready for work and get the kids to school, I had to get up and out the door as early as necessary to fit the miles in on a given day.  Sometimes, that was 4:45 (for a 5 mi recovery run).  Sometimes, it was 3:20 (for a 15 mi MLR).  It was tough on those too-frequent days that I didn't get to bed until midnight (long time night owl here), but I didn't give myself a choice.  The mindset had to be, "Get the run done now because you know you won't be able to do it later!  DO NOT HIT THAT SNOOZE BUTTON!"  It helped that I was also able to increase the distance I could run on an empty stomach (up to 17 miles during the cycle), which dispensed with the need for a pre-run meal on longer days and let me get a little more sleep.  Consistency became habit and bred routine.

              I'm excited to continue my journey as a runner and see what 2013 may hold!