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    I'm considering the Grand Canyon R2R2R (south rim to north rim and back) in 2014.  Any advice?  Does anyone have the Garmin trace of it?


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      April-May and Sept-early Nov are the best times of year.  The route is pretty simple; follow the Kaibab trail from the south rim to the north rim and come back.  There is no water on the south side of the river on Kaibab, which is not a problem going down (assuming you start at the south rim) but can prove problematic on the way back up in the heat of the day.  Be prepared for equal parts beauty and suffering.


        Everything jmctav said is right on.


        There is is water on the Bright Angel Trail (south rim), but the route is a few miles longer.


        I'm not sure how much this will help, but this is from several years ago when I hiked down the Bright Angel, up the North Kaibab (the only trail up the North Rim), and back down until my Garmin died --




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            This is a KML file that you can view in Google Earth.


            There are three routes you can take.  You can can down the South Kaibab Trail, then up the North Kaibab Trail, and back up the South Kaibab This route is about 42 miles round trip.  There is no water on the South Kaibab trail.


            You can go down South Kaibab, up North Kaibab, then back up Bright Angel Trail.  This is about 44.5 miles round trip, and there is plenty of water on Bright Angel.


            Finally, you can go down Bright Angel, up North Kaibab, then back up Bright Angel, which is about 47 round trip.


            Bright Angel trail is a little less steep than the South Kaibab trail.


            I'm also doing a R3 run in early May.

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