Windows 10 updated - Garmin Connect No longer Syncs to RA (Read 52 times)


    My last 2 runs have uploaded to Garmin Connect but have not transferred to RA


    Usually that is because Garmin Express is out of date, updating to latest usually solves this.


    Running Chrome since IE quit working

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      If the workouts are reaching Garmin Connect and then not being sent to RA, the issue is not tied to your recent Win10 update; the communication link between Garmin Connect and RunningAhead does not pass through your PC.


      Check that you still have the Connect <--> RA integration setup properly:


      In Connect go to Profile > Account Settings > Account Information and verify RunningAHEAD is in the Applications section

      In RunningAHEAD go to Log > Tools > Applications and verify Connect is active


      If both are properly setup, then the issue is likely related to Garmin's logic for transferring workouts to RA.


      If your workouts are not getting from your gps device to Garmin Connect, you'll need to solve that first.

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