Upload problems continue (Read 482 times)


    Hi eric, The last couple of days, I have received the "please install Garmin plug-in" message. Today, RA says my device is not connected and cannot find it. I have reinstalled Garmin plug-in--it did not help. the exact error message that you encountered: "Device not connected....Waiting" your browser's name and version ( Internet Explorer 7) your operating system and version (Windows XP) Any help would be great. I'm tired of typing in my splits. Thanks so much. Chris

      Okay, I finally completely shut down and rebooted. That seemed to fix everything. RA now recognizes the Garmin.  Smile Maybe this will work for others.


      Oh roo roooo!

        I had the same thing happen to me this AM and since I have just started uploading my Garmin here, I figured it was due to some kind of bonehead error on my part--thanks for posting.  I'll try the same approach and see if it fixes my problem too.

          Hi Chris S.,

          Glad to read that you got it working again.  Here's my experience with the Garmin Communicator.


          If you're asked to install the Garmin plugin even though it's already installed and you're using Internet Explorer, then you need to click the yellow information bar at the top to allow the Garmin Communicator ActiveX control to run.


          If the plugin cannot find your GPS, make sure it is really connected.  Oftentimes, the GPS is not making proper contact with the cradle, this is especially true for the 205/305s.  When the GPS is connected, its screen should indicate it is connected.


          If the GPS is properly connected but the importer is failing to download the data from the GPS, then there are two possible problems:

          • The USB port is "bad".  The Garmin Communicator is very brittle.  It crashes whenever it encounters unexpected errors and bringing down your browser with it.  You can try plugging the GPS to a different USB port.  You should also connect the GPS directly to your computer's USB ports instead of a USB hub (for example, USB ports on your LCD panel).
          • The GPS itself may have bad memory components.  If your data happens to be stored in one of these bad bits, the importer will have trouble downloading the data.  Deleting workouts from your GPS regularly alleviates the problem but will not fix it.

          If the problems persists after trying the suggestions above, repeated attempts to import your data will eventually succeed.  You just need to be patient.  Perhaps you can have Garmin on the phone so they can share the pain.