HandyRunner and droid 4 (Read 314 times)


    I am constantly ruining phones due to my active lifestyle. I just had to replace my Droid 3 with a Duel core Droid 4. HandyRunner worked fine on the Droid 3 but  It is not working well on the Droid 4. It shuts down, looses GPS signals and just doesn't seem to record my runs accurately. Is this a common problem or do I just have a bad install or hardware?

      Hand Runner is an abandoned app. The developer , Derek, is no longer maintaining it and, last I heard, had switched to the iPhone for his own phone. It has not been updated since September of 2010. I used Handy Runner a while back but long ago ditched it and now just use the browser (typing this via Chrome on Android 4.0) to access RunningAhead.

      Runners run.


        Thanks for the reply.I read the Sticky on the tech support area. There appeared to be some interest from developers to take over the app but I  think most people are happy with the I-phone. It's not a big issue either way for me but I did like the convenience of HandyRunner. I log my multisport data on a Triathlon site anyway