Export Health notes (Read 330 times)


    I've been logging my nightly sleep as a health note for the past year or so. I'd like to export this to excel so I can analyze the data further. Could you create an option to export the data from the health notes? I'm able to create graphs and such with the built in tools in RA, but I'd like to do more.




    Edit: Also, it would be great if I could graph sleep vs pace for my runs. Currently when I try to do that it just says "no data".


      I'm planning to revamp the training log in the fall.  I should be able to do this then.


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        Awesome, thanks! Looking forward to it.

          Any updates on this? I am also really excited to download and analyze this data.

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            I haven't gotten to that part of the training log revamp yet.  It will probably in several months.