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    Is it possible to delete forum topics as of now all we can do is lock them. Our group in particular had a spamming incident with one of the group memebers and we would like to delete those posts. The group is Stagg High School Runners. Thanks for the help
      Another question is can we delete indivual posts including our own? I don't think it is possible but would be cool if it was.
        Hi RDavey, Right now, there's no way to delete threads and posts. However, I will try to get it done by this weekend. eric Smile
          Awesome! This is truely why this is the best running log and always will be. I'm so glad to have been introduced to this site. You deserve more thanks than anyone of us can give. Keep it up! Thanks again, Rick
            Censor is as close to deleting as I can get correct? I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything.
              Yes, that's it. That way there is a record that *something* was there and things won't just disappear from the forums. An admin of a group can censor or uncensor individual posts or the whole thread. Anyone can modify their own post and "delete" it that way by erasing the text.

              Roads were made for journeys...

                As Janell said, I opted to allow censoring and not deleting so there can be a record of the action instead of the topic simply disappearing, leaving everyone either wondering where it went, or peeved about moderators not acknowledging the action. Hopefully, it'll also hold the moderators accountable. eric Smile
                  Good Idea

                  My legs really hurt

                    Our group has had the same problem with too many posts. Are you still thinking about giving the ability to delete topics? Maybe just giving the owner of the group the ability to delete. This site is amazing, thanks for taking the time to listen to our concerns.
                      I'm still not keen on deleting posts. I don't see having too many threads as a problem but I'm probably looking at it from a computer science perspective. To me, having 100 threads is the same as 1,000 threads. You'll have more pages, but it shouldn't affect usability. What am I missing here? eric Smile