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    Zola Budd 5'2",  5’5″ Haile Gebrselassie, Joan Benoit 5'2"


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      Solinsky is the tallest person to run sub 27 for the 10k - he's 6'1". It seems that the longer the distance the more being tall is a disadvantage. Rudisha is 6'3", but it's interesting that he doesn't even try to compete at 1500...

        The shorter stride is offset by each stride taking less effort, and less time. This allows shorter runners to compete on an equal basis, or possibly even have an advantage.


        Further examples- Minuts Yifter, Mary Keitany, Rosa Mota.

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          It's not just height, but weight. Back in the 70s the US had an Olympian, Jack Bachelor, who was 6'5" who qualified in the 5,000 in '68 and the marathon in '72.

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            My my observation the only time it has seemed to be an advantage to be bigger is for young kids (middle school and younger). For the most part, because the kids aren't as trained, the bigger kids tend to be stronger, and just do better

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              Long distance running is for small framed people. There have been more short good runners than tall good runners.

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                  Jim2's website, which hillrunner copied and saved, is well worth the read. Jim was a retired engineer who had a way with numbers and analysis. He also worked with Burfoot on the article Amby published in RW on suggesting revisions to BQ times a few years ago.

                  2017 Goals: for races not to be exercises in futility