Daily Workout View More Mobile Friendly (Read 69 times)


    When viewing an individual workout summary, it is possible to make this page more mobile friendly? Selecting the tabs between splits, graphs and map resizes the page, making it hard to view. The graphs are near impossible to see on the phone. I don't have any complaints from the desktop view, but I'm usually logging from my phone. I would love an update that when viewing and individual workout you could see the basic details, splits, graphs, map and notes in one long vertical page. It would make it feel more like an app, instead of a website on a phone. As a result it feels clunky, and reorganizing the page could make it feel smooth on a phone.


    I love everything else about RA, and it is by far the best running log I've ever used. The ability to analyze data from a weekly, monthly and yearly standpoint is wonderful (especially with the various widgets on the summary page). It is unfortunately less ideal to analyze the benefit of an individual run. In fact that is probably the only good thing about the Garmin connect app. If RA could give that page a face lift (and maybe pull over additional Garmin data like best pace, min & max elevation, cadence, etc.) it would be one step closer to perfect.


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