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    Hi Eric Just a bit of a query about the advanced graphing option on your site. Is there anyway that I can stop the system from breaking my workouts down to run-type on the histogram option. This in istself isn't a problem but because the graph places the different run-types alongside one another (rather than being stacked on top of one another as in the weekly and monthly distance graphing option) it's difficult to compare one month to another on other variables such as time spent running etc. No biggie but any assistance would be gratefully received. Simon
      Hey, Simon. Try this: instead of "advanced graph," click on "basic graph." (It's a choice along the top when you're in the advanced graph area.) Then you can choose "monthly." The basic graph places the run types one on top of another instead of side by side. Unfortunately, it goes by distance instead of time, but it might work for you. Janell

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        Simon, Right now, there is no way to do what you want. I will add an option to allow you to specify if you want the values to be stacked or separated. eric Smile