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    I've been training for the St Jude Marathon coming up in December using an 18 week training schedule for first time marathoners.  This weekend I have a 15 mile run for my long run. I completed a 13 mile the week before last with not much pain (well a little pain in the knees).  But, today out of nowhere, my shin started burning to the point of not being able to run past a mile or so.  My shins have never been a problem.  My shoes are fairly new (less than a 100 miles and only a month old), so I don't think that's the issue.  Any suggestions?  Anyone?  Help!



      Shin splints can be caused by lots of things. But the main causes, especially in newer runners is too much running, too soon and/or tight calf muscles. Try taking a break from the long run this weekend and/or doing some calf massages/stretches (lots of good stuff on youtube).


      Also there are many threads on shins etc here. Try the search and see what you find.

      When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?

        unless you stress fractured your leg...

        sincerely silly

          unless you stress fractured your leg...


          Hopefully the shin "burning" means it's not a fracture...


          Was it a cramping or a pain?

          shin splints are my nemesis


            Sorry to hear about your shin troubles, that's a problem I'm all too familiar with. Do you have access to a foam roller or something like The Stick? If so, give those a try. It can be painful but well worth it.


            There are a few things that have helped me:

            • foam roller
            • deep tissue massage
            • toe raises and toe taps

            I know a few people who swear by compression socks during their workouts, but I haven't tried it.


            As Bonkin recommended, try a search of the forums. There's a lot of info scattered throughout the threads. Good luck!