Sesamoiditis- help! (Read 44 times)


    I was recently diagnosed with sesamoiditis by my podiatrist. I noticed that the big toe on my right foot (which has always been my injury free foot) was starting to feel achy and a little sore but figured it would go away on its own, which it has in the past. It did not, and after about a week walking had become uncomfortable so I stopped running, interval training, barre, and weight-bearing exercise and made an appointment with the doctor. It has now almost been a month. I started physical therapy to deal with some calf tightness and foot mobility issues, I'm wearing supportive shoes, and I am not doing any exercise that involves bending my toe or putting any pressure on my foot at all.I had an x-ray which was normal - no signs of fracture or bone separation. Which means almost any kind of movement is out, including cycling. I am wondering if anyone else battled this exceedingly pesky injury and has any advice? How long did it take to go away? What did you do to stay fit and mentally sane?

      Just to confirm...  are you sure it's sesamoiditis?  Formal definition:  "In the normal foot, the sesamoids are two pea-shaped bones located in the ball of the foot, beneath the big toe joint." 


      I'm abnormal, I guess, because I have 3 sesamoid bones.  And way back in 2002, they hurt like hell -- just like I was stepping on a nail when I tried to run.  After 3 months of pain, and trying many potential solutions, I finally decided to have a cortisone shot. Almost instant relief.  And no problems in the last 18 years.


      If your toe is achy -- and not the toe joint, as shown in the picture -- you may have a different issue.  But, if it really is sesamoiditis, ask your podiatrist about a cortisone shot.  Good luck!

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        I think you recognized it soon enough and likely did the right thing and backed off. Hopefully, it will resolve itself soon by offloading and not running. However, I encourage you to continue to do ankle pumps, heel raises and move your toes as often as possible assuming no pain. Active recovery is important. Start walking when ready and slowly ramp up when ready. I see no reason you can't cycle as long as pushing off from mid foot. Rowing is fine too. Stair stepper machine ( not mill) is good too as long as pushing from heels. I did this last night and toes not involved.

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          Thanks to you both. It is definitely sesamoiditis, it hurts exactly on the spot in the graphic and I can feel how tender the inner sesamoid bone is. I'm glad to hear a success story with a steroid shot; I usually hear only the bad ones. I am holding off on that option for now but it is good to know that it is a possibility.