Odd behavior in thread display (Read 115 times)

Prince of Fatness

    This just started happening within the last day or so.  When I click on a thread using the either the recent topics list or the last post link in a specific forum, the post are moved up within the frame, making the top portion not viewable.  If I remove the #focus part of the url and resubmit it is fine.  This only seems to be an issue when the #focus is at the end of the url.


    Running Windows 7 with Firefox 27 (just upgraded Firefox but this was happening with version 26 before the upgrade)




    MTA:  Just noticed something else.  It only happens when there are a small amount of posts on the page, and the page is not that long.  It seems fine when there is a lot of posts on the page even with the #focus.


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        I also had this happen me the other night, but nothing since.

          I'm on FF but I'm not seeing this behavior.  Could you point me to a thread that's doing this?  Do you know when it started?  The last update was Feb 1.

          Prince of Fatness

            I'm on FF but I'm not seeing this behavior.  Could you point me to a thread that's doing this?  Do you know when it started?  The last update was Feb 1.


            It could be any thread.  There seem to be two factors.


            1) The #focus at the end of the url.  Take that out and the problem is gone.

            2) The amount of content on the page (post content).  If there are only a couple of posts on a page the problem occurs.  As the page grows in post content the problem goes away.  But if the thread goes to a new page, the new page will have the problem until there is a certain amount of post content.  Don't know the exact number, but when I viewed this thread with your reply it displayed correctly.  When I opened this thread it did not display correctly.


            To add more.  When the page comes up, the page first appears normal (very briefly).  As soon as the focus takes effect all of the post content shifts upward, some of it out of view (like it is under other content).  The focused post seems to be centered on the screen.  Hope that helps.


            As for the when, sorry but I can only say some time this week.  I cannot recall when the first time was but it was definitely this week.


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              Just an -fyi- that I don't see this problem using FF 27.0 on Win 7.....even back when this morning when this thread had only MrFinn's original post, everything displayed ok.


              But...but...after the FF 27.0 upgrade come down and installed (yesterday? or day before), I did have a funky display problem where the single lines forming the vertical border of the outside of the message box ( <--- and --->Wink were extending to the bottom of the browser window. (like table legs).  This was cured with a browser cache dump / refresh.

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              Prince of Fatness

                I have an answer for you Eric.  I have the noscript plugin running with Firefox.  It is set to allow scripts to run for the facebook.net domain name.  If I change it to forbid scripts from facebook.net the problem goes away.


                So it is tied to scripts running from facebook.net.  Something changed in that realm this week.


                  I don't see how not allowing facebook's Like button to run would cause this.  I'm actually on the fence on whether to remove the Like buttons.  They don't help RA much and I don't like they providing facebook and Google info about each user's viewing habits.

                  Prince of Fatness

                    Well as far as I am concerned, I have several workarounds for this and if it is a matter of accommodating me there is no need for you to waste your time on it.  That is your call.  If you do wish to pursue this further and would like me to test anything let me know.


                    Also, just so you know the facebook.com domain is blocked at work (facebook.net is not).  I am almost certain that this problem presented itself at home where it is not blocked but I will double check this evening and post back here to confirm.




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                      Thank goodness you have figured this out.