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    Hi, After 20 years I'm back to running. My problem is this - high arches. I'm currently wearing Brooks but I've had to add arch supports because I feel like they are forcing me to run very "flat-footed" . (they just don't feel like they are the right shoe for me but I was fit at an independent running store and I took their advice) I have Asics gels that I wear that are more comfortable in the arch but they don't seem as "padded" and my heel hurts when i wear them daily). I alternate the two pair of shoes as I seem to get "shin splints" when I wear just the Brooks. I'm 5'10, 154, and like I said, I am starting over after not having run in 20 years. right now I am up to 2.5 miles. Any advice for a tall high arched woman? Thanks!

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      Maybe try some New Balance shoes with the SL-2 last. I believe that is the one for higher-arched feet. I have fairly low arches and wear shoes with the SL-1 last, which is flat-normal. Are there any other running stores you could try? Or even go back to that one and explain the situation? You deserve shoes that will make your runs comfortable. Smile k

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