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No more marathons

    Is there something special I need to do to use my kindle to post to RA forums? I can get the text box but no way to input.

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      I have also had this problem. I can post on other forums but for some reason I cannot post here. If anyone knows how this can be changed I'm also interested to know!


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        Unofficial guess....and I've used a Kindle...


        This site uses fairly standard web coding, but the 3rd party widgets for editing a message are probably not happy in the Kindles browser. Try clicking on the HTML link in the messaging toolbar (upper right on the toolbar) and see if you can enter text directly to the HTML editor and then click update to post back to the forum.

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        No more marathons

          Yeah, I seem to remember that that worked once some time back.  But no such luck when I was trying in last night.  Finally had to resort to using my phone (either that or walking upstairs to my pc - too much like work Big grin)

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            As MilkTruck said, RA uses standard HTML, with a heavy dose of JavaScript.  The editor code is provided by a third party and it is completely JavaScript based.  I'm guessing there is a compatibility problem with the text editor and Kindle's JavaScript engine.  I could try updating the editor code to the latest version but I won't be able to do so at the moment.

            No more marathons

              No problem - just wanted to make sure it wasn't user error.  I have lots of other options to get my voice heard.  Wink

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