Garmin Forerunner 305 won't turn on, won't charge (Read 13628 times)

Beginner all over again

    My Garmin Forerunner 305

    woudn't turn on

    wouldn't charge


    I found this on the Garmin support website and it fixed it for me.

    Just thought I'd post it.

    Mine was plugged in to charge, not to computer, and it still worked.





    Question:  My Edge or Forerunner 205/305 won't power on. Is there a soft reset that I can do?



    If a Forerunner or Edge 205/305 is unable to power on, a soft reset can be performed to un-freeze it. This will not erase any user data and is most effective if the device is connected to the computer while performing the reset.

    To reset the Forerunner or Edge 205/305:

    1. Connect the device to the computer using the USB cable
    2. Press and hold the mode and reset (lap) buttons together for 10 seconds
    3. Release and wait for 3 seconds
    4. There should be some indication of battery charging (either Finished or In Process)
    5. Power the device on while keeping it connected to the computer

    In addition, please make sure that the device has the latest software version



      After trying the soft reboot several times, this suggestion finally worked. Problem may have been low battery. Very helpful, thank you!!

        This worked for me! Thanks! 


        Had the thing since 2006.. kind of hoping my husband gets me a new one for my birthday in a few weeks though lol.

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          Oh Man!!  I hope this works.  I can't wait to get home to try it.

            My Garmin 205 had that problme too quite a few months ago and the soft reset did work and its been fince since - that was probably 9 months go...

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              Worked for me too. Thanks so much - I thought the watch was a goner!


                Outstanding.  I encountered this same problem.  After trying and failing with man other would-be fixes, this solution worked to a T.  Thanks a ton.

                  Great timing. Mine had this problem this morning. Works fine now!

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                    just have to say how much I love RA.  my garmin wigged on me this morning.  Went to the garmin site - NO HELP - came here and found my answer.  Garmin is now all better.  Big grin

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                      A BIG thank you for this post. I was starting to panic. Two races this afternoon and my garmin ... blank.


                      Thanks !!

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                        This post has just saved my life. I'm so grateful! Thank you!!!!!

                          the only time this ever happened to me was at the start of Grandma's Marathon in Duluth MN.  I freaked out!  Thankfully, someone knew how to fix it.  We should all share this so we can help someone else who is in a state of panic at the start!


                            This has just saved me! Am leaving for Paris in the morning for the Marathon on Sunday, and went to charge my watch.... dead!


                            Now it's back up and running, and I can now get some sleep :-)


                              Mine froze when it popped off the cradle while connected to the USB port on the computer. I am glad that I found the instructions to reset my Forerunner 305, I thought I had broken it. Thanks so much!!

                                just have to say how much I love RA.  my garmin wigged on me this morning. came here and found my answer.  Garmin is now all better.  Big grin


                                ditto - Thanks so much for the tip! Worked!!

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