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    I have some cheapo running gloves, C9 from Target (my favorite cheapo running gear in general), which work pretty well down into the 20's. When colder than that (or depending on wind), I put a pair of ordinary fleece gloves on top. I have not yet needed anything more than this (although when it was single-digits last week I stayed inside). And sometimes I also do this:



    I have, on occasion, taken my fingers out of the ends and balled them up into a fist inside my gloves(especially at the start of my run) to get them warmer. 


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      I pull a pair of old tube socks over my hands.  Very low tech and low fashion.  And, I have a drawer full of them!

      The tangents are moot.




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        My brother got me some Nathan Lightwave gloves that are pretty nice. They've got flashing lights in them which as yet I have had no use for, but they're nice and thin which works for semi-cold and have windstopper mitt things that tuck neatly into the back of the hand and which make them fine for single digit temps for me.

          Mittens where the top comes off. "Mittens with the slit" are what mine are called and used to be made by a runner in Corvallis, iirc. (I don't see her web page anymore) They don't have a glove inside to tangle you fingers, The outer layer is windproof / highly wind resistant. If my hands got hot, I can pop the top and just wear them on my wrists until they cool off again, maybe when the sun goes down. The material is lightweight enough that I can operate watches with a decent button with them on. I've got a couple different weights of them.


          I've also gotten REI mittens that I can do many things with also without taking my hands out. Those may not be the exact models I've got, but close. I use those on colder days (subzero F) since they come up my wrist further and don't have the slit gap, which sometimes is a bit too breathable. Wink

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            I got a pair of Brooks mittens for Christmas that are a fleece mitten interior, with a windproof mitten shell.  Those things are WARM.


            I have mild Raynaud's as well - I only lose circulation in the very tips of my fingers above the last knuckle, but if I don't wear warm gloves, I end up with totally numb handsicles really quickly.  I tend to err on the side of my hands being too warm.


            I have also done what a few others have said, and pulled my fingers out of the glove fingers and balled my hands up into fists inside the main part of the glove.  Usually that is a desperation move for me, if I end up colder than I thought and I need to do something to reduce the pain level of my hands.   I inadvertently spent the better part of 14 miles like this once.

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              I am not as bad as the top two although the bottom two pictures could be me.


              Huh, my fingers are like the top right.  I'm un(officially)diagnosed, but think I have a mild case.  Not when running, though.


              Zero F here, and I wear heavy mittens, and my hands sweat while running.  When it's 35F or more, cheap jersey gloves are fine.  In between, some of the dedicated running gloves are pretty good.

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                I have a pair of Nike Therma-Fit gloves and I find they work great.  I will say though I haven't been out with them below 25F.

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                  I have the same problem -- my hands get so cold and painful below 30 degrees.  I do use hand warmers if it is less than 10 degrees but for those other days I have found that gloves with a thicker mitten (not just polartec) over works best.  I just bought a really nice pair at REI (their brand) that I hope has solved my problem.  Good luck!


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                    In my experience, for regular runners, getting the core and head warm can help a lot with the hands.


                    But with Reynauds, not so much - the key seems to be insulating the hands pretty seriously. Most of the sufferers that I know use at least one pair of mittens. (Dunno why there seem to be so many runners with it. - like the upper row of white fingers in the earlier photos.)

                    It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


                      My hands ache terribly on windy, cold days as well.


                      These are rather pricey:




                      but they are the best I've found for sub 20's weather.  (Amazon sells them for around $79)  They are easy to run in, are super warm, and have a hidden pocket inside for a warming pack if you need even more heat.  The company also stands behind their warranty: when I inadvertantly damaged one of the mittens, I had a new pair in less than a week.

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                        Manzella Hi Viz Hatchback (I have the women's version).  Really nice.  Gloved hand with a windproof mitten shell that can be folded back and tucked away in a pocket over the back of the hand if you don't need it.  They are in the "Warmest" category.


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                          The older I get, the colder I get.


                          For moderate cold, I use a pair of cheap knit gloves I got at a race years ago...very thin.


                          For colder weather like you are talking, I have a pair of Yoko nordic ski gloves I bought for skiing many moons ago in college.


                          Somewhat like this.


                          These are made for cross country ski racing -- protection from the cold, made to deal with sweat, but no thicker than they need to be.

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                            Those could be pics of my hands!! only the blue/purple gets more widespread. They get pretty ghastly looking although the white version feels worse.

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                              Mittens are ten times better than gloves. Just sayin'. I counted.

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                                Agreed - mittens are better because they marshall the warmth of the whole hand.

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