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    Luckily I hit my goal a bit early . I will still try to improve and run 4-5 times per week . This what I plan on doing leading up to race day. I will run till the 15 th trying to improve my times and speed then take off two days. Show up an hour early to the race on the 18th and warm up a bit ( run , stretch, walk) and then just make it happen. Any advise is welcomed. Just a note : I'm not eating carbs to much rite now. Not sure if that is too wise for what I'm doing.

      Think this post lacked some important details. What goals have you accomplished and where are you trying to get? What are you trying to run over what distance? And what have you been doing?

      Fall  2013 Goals: Doable sub 22:00 5k; Challenging Sub 21:00 5k; Unlikely Sub 20:00 5k.


        Sorry, I'm running a 5k and plan to run it under 30 min. I've been running every other day and recently went under 30 min for 3 miles. I wanted to make sure I was approaching the race day properly or at least had a reasonable strategy.

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          A Hal Higdon training schedule, by way of example, suggests two days rest before a goal 5k.  Personally, for a Sunday 5k, I'll take Friday off and run very easy on Saturday.  A lot depend on you current weekly volume.


          If you are new to racing, it's a good idea to practice your race day routine.  That means getting up at the appropriate hour, eating and drinking what you plan for race day and then running at race time.  As always, never try something new on race day... or the days before.  I typically have oatmeal and coffee 2 or so hours before the race (depends on where the race is located).  I'd then have a banana an hour before.  I make sure I hydrate throughout the week and not overload on race morning (you'll be in the PoJ every 5 mins).  


          I've noticed that my WU has become more important the faster my 5k times have become.   My best 5k times have come when I've done a 1-2 mile WU and some strides close to the start of the race.    Try to do a 1 -2 mile CD after the race to aid recovery.

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            I think you have an good chance of achieving your goal. You have already gone under 10:00 per mile for almost the 5k distance. You need to run 9:39 pace on race day. The adrenaline of running the race should help you as long as you don't go crazy and run the first mile too fast. If you have a GPS watch or the race has a timer at the mile marker I would look at your time to get an idea of where you are in terms of pace.


            Also know the weather and the course can have a big effect on your race. If it's super hot or hilly it could slow down.

            Fall  2013 Goals: Doable sub 22:00 5k; Challenging Sub 21:00 5k; Unlikely Sub 20:00 5k.