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    Hello, I am new to running - I started off on the treadmill, however, have progressed to running outdoors- on tarmac and offroad - I run twice a week for approx. 1 hour each time - I need advice on choosing the best type of trainer to buy without costing a fortune (the nearest shop to get tested on the machine thing is 2 hours away) - I also have had problems with my hips when I was younger (Perthes), which meant I was in traction for some time- I keep active, as not doing so, affects my hips more- I swim, cycle and walking.  I know that running is not the best sport for my hips, but I am really enjoying it - if anyone can provide a certain type of trainer to start off with, I would be most grateful. thanks anita


      It really depends on what kind of feet you have, whether or not you pronate, whether you heel strike or forefoot strike, whether you like a lot of cushion, and whether you like low drop shoes or not. What fits my wide duck feet might not work at all for you. You need to try on shoes to see what works for your feet and your style of running.

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        A good running store should be able to offer you several choices and most will let you go outside for a short test run. Take a pair with you that you've worn for a while so they can see wear patterns.  Every brand has shoes for different types of feet, and different types of running- trail shoes, racing, etc.  It's a matter of finding what is comfortable for you in your price range.

        You said you are new to running, yet going for an hour at a time;  with your history of hip issues I wonder if you might do better with shorter runs for a while. Just something to consider.

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          Truthfully the best option would be to get on the trainer located 2 hours away. Without it you'll be buying shoes based on price and what someone online said. If you want to go that direction head to runners warehouse and start picking shoes a half size larger than you wear now.

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            Don't over-think it if you're running less than 20-25 miles a week. No need for "gait analysis" or anything. A cushioned neutral shoe works for the vast majority of people.


            You want cheap yet good?

            Hoka Napali $70-75 at Running Warehouse

            Skechers GoRun6 or Ride7 $50-80 online

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