Training plan - invalid date (Read 281 times)


    I'm trying to create a new training plan, but having problems. 

    I have made a couple in the past, so not sure why it's not working now.


    When I try to create the new plan, I name it and pick the first date. The date will not enter, and I get a pop-up saying that the date is invalid. I'm trying to set the first date to 26th Dec 2012.


    I think I have changed my date format to a custom one, and maybe that is the problem. I see no button in settings to revert back to default, which I would be happy to do if it would help. 


    My preferred date format is YYYY/MM/DD



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      Maybe check under Options/Locale -- there is a short date format and a long date format there, that you can adjust?

      It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


        I have looked there, and would be happy to change the details to something other than my custom date format, but there is no "default" button, and I don't know what to change it to. Thanks for your suggestion.


          Is the start date you're trying to enter after the end date?


            Well I'm literally blushing here now.

            Of course the start date was after the end date... Never created a plan so far in advance before, and didn't even think to change the end date before the start date...


            Thank you very much TCKeeney


              Did the same thing myself. That's how I knew to ask.

                There was a bug in the plan editor where your short date format was not observed.  When you enter the date, it thought it was in the wrong format and resulted in the error.  It is now fixed.