just ran 5 miles in sub 1 hour! First time! (Read 2838 times)

    I am pretty new to running, only been doing it for about 4 months.  I decided to run in a local 5 mile race ( that is a week from tomorrow) back when I started running in April.  I set a goal to do it in under an hour.  I had never been under an hour until tonight.  I was always like 63 or 64 minutes.  I wasn't sure it was going to be possible but I did it today in 58:19.  I really pushed hard and felt like I was going to throw up a couple of times but pushed through.  So excited!  Now I can't wait for the race!    Just hope I can do as well on the day of the race.

      Well done Kathy!! You are in for a really enjoyable journey thats going to take you places .. literally! Smile

      I dont sweat. I ooze liquid awesome.


          Nice, and you'll do better in the race.  


          However I'd probably leave the watch home for all subsequent runs until the race, just run easy, maybe a couple of strides (like picking up the pace for maybe 20-30 seconds a few times in your easy runs)  a couple of days before the race is all you need.

          Team 9 from Outer Space

            Awesome! Smile


            Listen to Happyfeet! This week just enjoys the runs and keep them mostly easy.


            And come back to tell us all about the race after you finish! Smile

            "Don't feel like running today...suck it up and run ...you're an athlete." (John Stanton, founder & owner of The Running Room)


            Three half marathons later, I got a number. Half Fanatic #9292. :)


              Great run!!! Once you pin the bib on, you will run faster!!! Enjoy your first race!!!

                very awesome! Have a fun race!

                Maggie & Molly

                  excellent!!    Have a fantastic race!

                   "It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop."
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                  HF 4363

                    excellent!!    Have a fantastic race!




                      And come back to tell us all about the race after you finish! Smile


                      Have fun.

                        Excellent...5 minutes improvement is huge!  Well done, and good luck in the race.  Enjoy your running up until race day, forget about pace and times, and then have a fantastic 5 miles of racing with the confidence from your sub-60 and the added bonus of race day legs and ooomph.  

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                          I am pretty new to running, only been doing it for about 4 months.  ..........



                          From one new runner to another.......... Congratulations!!!!!!!

                            I just started running again after several years and am looking forward to reaching milestones like that - way to go!!

                              Well, the 5 mile race was yesterday and I did it!  Sub 1 hour!  I think my time was 57 something.  As dumb as this sounds, I can't remember and I forgot to stop my watch again at the end.  I was pushing so hard at the end that I had nothing left including the brain power to stop my watch or retain my time when I crossed the line!?!?!  Oh well, now I have to wait for them to post the results on line.  I know it was 57 or 58 something.  Very happy with that. 


                              The weather was great about 82 at start of the race and many of the residences along the route had sprinklers set up over the road and they even had a fire truck that was set up to "shower" us.   Plenty of water stops.  Well organized event!  Over 500 people ran and I was not last!  Always good!  I was very nervous about running in front of my home town, I'm not exactly "good" at this running thing.  It's not pretty and I'm slow.   I live in a very small community and know lots of people here.  It was kind of nice though, to my surprise.  I heard several people cheering me on by name along most of the route.  Gave me that extra little push.  My husband and son also ran this.  My son is a track/cross country star and he finsihed WAY in front of me but was there at the finish, cheering me in.  I was nice to share this with him.


                              Thanks for all the support leading up to the race!  I appreciate it.  Big grin



                              Am I doing this right?

                                Tremendous!  Way to go, Kathy!


                                Now don't let this be the finish line, make it the spring board.  Keep running Wink

                                No excuses....