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    HI ALL-


    I just purchased a Go Pro Hero 3 Black edition ! ! ! Lotsa money. I thought I could get some good videos and some family video from amusement parks with it.


    Anyway- I havent had the best luck in my 2 days of initial tests. I have a chesty attachment, the LCD backpack and the head gear.


    My first bike ride, I tried chesty and LCD screen and the camera was pointed between my legs the whole ride. Which I guess could be good for some training issues. I plan to buy a helmet with a camera attachment. The bike / handlebar attachment seems like it would be a good option also (possibly more versitile too).


    My first run, I tried the head cam. Worked ok as a video, and I was able to listen to my breathing and my pace, but seemed a bit boring overall and bounced around a little. Im thinking of attempting time lapse for runs. I like the idea of getting some photos of scenery without a lot of work. Or maybe I'll just keep the video clips short. I saw some good clips of a reporter who did selfie movies during 2013 Boston marathon. Not sure what attachment she used, but video came out pretty good.


    So, please share some of your stories. What worked? What failed?

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