A new way to workout at the gym (Read 478 times)

    "De Man said the first question Fitworld customers were asking was whether it would be sanitary. Nude exercisers would be required to put towels down on weight machines and to use disposable seat covers while riding bikes. All machines would be cleaned and disinfected afterward. "We clean them every day anyway," he said." thank God!
    The danger of civilization, of course, is that you will piss away your life on nonsense. Jim Harrison

    Needs more cowbell!

      Did you see this thread? Wink k

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      I fly.

        I never really thought of exercising naked before... From the looks of it, I guess it's pretty popular.

        Bring it on.


          But do you wear running shoes? Or go bare-foot? Maybe this is what Nike Freerunners are for.... Wink